who we are

Our Vision

Our vision is to demonstrate the redeeming love of Jesus Christ by unconditionally loving our neighbor. Because of this, we planted a multiethnic, Acts 2 church in the Westside neighborhood of Downtown Lansing, Michigan.

We call this church The Mix.

Why The Mix? It’s because we want to provide a place at the table for people of all backgrounds to come together and encounter Jesus through evangelism and discipleship.

We believe that the Gospel and the entirety of the New Testament promote diversity in two areas specifically: socio-economic, and ethnic diversity. In our culture, they both go hand-in-hand.



Guiding others through God’s Word and prayer with love and compassion.


Blessing each other holistically with love and grace.


Sharing a table with people from a different culture.


Sharing Christ’s love by planting new churches as we continue to grow in Christ.

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